Our Mission

PSSI Washington is dedicated to illuminating select, lesser known security challenges facing the United States and its key allies in Europe and Asia and offering research findings and recommendations to address them.

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Economic and Financial Threat Domain

Exposing state actors that are increasingly seeking strategic gains via hybrid operations in the economic and financial (E&F) domain.

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Special Projects

Raising awareness among policymakers about grey zone abuses and threats by U.S. adversaries in PSSI’s areas of competence.

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Space Security

Several asymmetric elements of U.S. and allied space security policy have received scant attention, to date, particularly risks and threats stemming from the economic and financial domain. The scope and nature of international space partnerships forged by China and Russia are also not well understood. PSSI is, in part, dedicated to providing deterrence strategy, pre-crisis planning, and cross-domain penalties for malevolent or irresponsible behavior to allied space policy-makers.


PSSI Washington is led by a team of experienced and knowledgeable policy professionals that bring a diverse set of skills and expertise to the organization


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